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World Reset
Jochyoua5 months ago

I have a very sad announcement to make concerning survival.

The previous world we were using has been overwritten by our World Generator because both the server and the world generator causing the more recent version to overwrite old chunks. Most of the builds that have been made were turned into new chunks. I am terribly sorry and if you'd like me to make any special accommodations for you please make a ticket!

On the brighter side, I have a few more changes to announce.
The area you see when you first join the server has been changed to the
Adventure's Guild, along with having all of the Dungeons now.
Old spawn is now considered 'The Outpost' and you can visit it by typing /warp Outpost.



A few announcements
Jochyoua7 months ago

I have a few announcements to make!
First off, the weird teleport bug with 1.19 is now fixed! You'll no longer crash when teleporting to other players.
Secondly, Survival has a new addition! The Shady Dealer: https://imgur.com/a/DEZMGK4
Lastly, a big one, as of June 26th, the Creative server is no longer accessible by Guest users under normal conditions.

The only way Guest users can join the Creative server is by voting, which will grant you 24 hours of Creative server access.
Players with the Fairy rank or higher may join Creative as they please.
You can get the Fairy rank by playing for 2 hours.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me or any other available staff members.

Voting multiple times do not stack the 24-hour timer.

Jochyouaabout 1 year ago

Hello and good morning! My name is Joshua and welcome to our website.

We are looking for staff members, so if you feel as if you would like to join our team please visit https://www.fairy.land/apply/

We've decided to ditch Enjin and are now using NamelessMC to host our website, if you would like to see what's being worked on, please visit the changelog

I hope to see you around! :D

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