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Started by zusano

Your in-game name:
Your username zusano
Who are you reporting?:
Their username peppermint_puff
Why are you reporting this player?:
this is not serious but i am wondering what happens to the players plot in survival if he or she shows no activity?. this person is absent in the server for 151 days and obviously not playing anymore does that warp shop plot located in (survival) get deleted or will it stay for the players return? if you decide  the shop of this player in survival should not be under this persons name anymore due to inactivity just let me know thanks and good bye
Do you have evidence related to this incident?:
Any evidence you may have if you dont believe me do /seen peppermint_puff and it will tell you how long with the player not seen 


Next time if you have a question, ask in the appropriate forum. (help forum)
This forum is reserved for serious reports against other members. I'll implement something to automatically disperse them if the user is deemed inactive.
For future questions please do ask here: help forum

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