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about 1 year ago
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13 hours ago
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I have a few announcements to make!
First off, the weird teleport bug with 1.19 is now fixed! You'll no longer crash when teleporting to other players.
Secondly, Survival has a new addition! The Shady Dealer: https://imgur.com/a/DEZMGK4
Lastly, a big one, as of June 26th, the Creative server is no...
about 1 month ago
Jochyoua replied to zusano's topic in Denied reports
Next time if you have a question, ask in the appropriate forum. (help forum)
This forum is reserved for serious reports against other members. I'll implement something to automatically disperse them if the user is deemed inactive.
For future questions please do ask here: help forum
11 months ago
Welcome to fairyland c:
12 months ago
Hello and good morning! My name is Joshua and welcome to our website. We are looking for staff members, so if you feel as if you would like to join our team please visit https://www.fairy.land/apply/ We've decided to ditch Enjin and are now using NamelessMC to host our website, if you would like...
about 1 year ago
Hello :) My name is Joshua and I am one of the owners of Fairyland. I spend most of my day cleaning or playing video games, sometimes coding too, I'm a pretty boring person but I enjoy to chat
about 1 year ago