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Fairyland Rules
To keep Fairyland a welcoming place, rules must be followed throughout our platforms. This includes in-game chat, discord messages, and any forum posts.
A fair warning, "joking" about anything that could bring harm to our members is not allowed.
Acceptable Behaviour
You should maintain a helpful, friendly, and peaceful demeanor around other users.

If you see something against the rules, please report that content so we can review and handle it as soon as possible. Any evidence would be appreciated.

You may not harass, harm, threaten, abuse, mislead or impersonate other users, post defamatory, vulgar, obscene, or otherwise objectionable content anywhere on our platforms.

Staff members take time out of their day to help keep our website and server alive, treat them with respect.

If you feel you have been wrongly banned please file a ban appeal: https://www.fairy.land/appeal/
Guideline 1
Spamming anywhere on our platform is unacceptable. Please do not post the same or similar posts more than once.

Guideline 2
We are an LGBT+ Friendly community. We will not accept any form of bullying, harassment, or racism.

Guideline 3
Using our platform to advertise server IPs or websites is not allowed

Guideline 4
Staff members know best. If you feel that punishment was wrongly issued or too harsh, make a report on that member.

Guideline 5
This community is a calm and friendly place to talk and make friends. Keep it appropriate. We have young audiences here.
Guideline 6
Follow Discord TOS. Since we also use their platform, it is vital that you follow their rules as well.

Guideline 7
Respect everyone. Any targeting will be dealt with accordingly. This includes respecting users' genders.

Guideline 8
No one is exempt. We expect everyone to follow these rules, donators/staff are not exempt from them.

Guideline 9
Use common sense. Before doing something, think about it first. If you feel confused about anything, ask a staff member.

Guideline 10
Keep cursing at a minimum. Excessive swearing is not allowed here.

Guideline 11
Don't argue іn public chat. If you want to argue, please take it to DMs

Guideline 12
No exploiting. We want this server to be fair for everyone, exploiting is not allowed

Guideline 13
Keep nicknames relevant and appropriate.

Guideline 14
No NSFW or obscene content. This includes text, images, or links featuring nudity, sex, hard violence, or other graphically disturbing content.

Guideline 15
No impersonating anyone. This includes, but is not limited to: Staff members, celebrities, players, businesses, or entities.
Guideline 1
Scamming is not allowed in survival. This server is meant to be a relaxing place to survive.

Guideline 2
Since survival claimed land is protected with GriefPrevention, it is against our rules to grief or steal from protected areas.
Unclaimed land is fair game. Do not grief the landscape.

Guideline 3
Survival shops are designed to sell items, not to store them.
Do not treat your shop as a base, any shops found to be violating this rule will be removed.

Guideline 4
While PvP is enabled, players do not drop items on death.
Do not constantly kill the same player over and over again.

Guideline 5
Selling an item that is meant to deceive buyers is not allowed.
Selling items for insane amounts of money is also not allowed, you can view suggested prices with /price (item) (amount)
Guideline 1
Scamming is not allowed in Skyblock.

Guideline 2
Since islands are claimed, it is against our rules to grief or steal from protected areas.

Guideline 3
Trapping players inside of your island or attempting to kill them is against our rules. Trapping players in portals is also not allowed.

Guideline 4
Using alternate accounts to register other islands is against the rules. You are permitted one island.
Guideline 1
Since you receive WorldEdit permissions once you acquire the Fairy rank, we expect you to not abuse this power.
Any abuse of WorldEdit will result in the removal of your rank and a possible ban.

Guideline 2
Do not attempt to lag the server or spawn in any "hacked" or "exploited" items.
Breaking these rules will result in your account being banned and your plot being removed.

Guideline 3
You are limited to 4 plots with the ability to merge them into one super plot.

Guideline 4
Attempting to place entities, animals, or blocks in the road is not allowed.
It is also against our rules to place entities, animals, or blocks into other claimed/unclaimed plots.
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